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I'm Carlos. I’m a multi-disciplinary designer with a focus on building digital products. I have over 10 years of professional design experience working with small scale startups as well large and small companies from varying backgrounds.

I’m also the founder of Horchata Club, a side-hustle of mine turned collective, where myself and like-minded technologists offer design services and consultation to startups, agencies, and large orgs.

If I were a vinyl record, Side A would feature my design interests while Side B would be all about music. When I’m not working on design things, I’m in my home studio making music under various project names such as Navigateur or When Tides Collide. I also perform live and I've had the privilege of sharing the stage with people like Tycho, Beacon, and more. When I'm not writing or producing music for myself I'm learning new recording, mixing, and mastering techniques and experimenting with them on my friend's musical projects.

I'm always on the hunt for new ways of merging my design and music interests in some way. Lately, I'm spending a lot of my time getting more familiarized with AI, and learning how to build 3D and immersive content in the web using Blender and Three.js.


Principal Product Designer
April 2022
As a Principal Designer at Eventbrite, I lead design efforts while working closely with my cross-functional peers in Product Management, Engineering, Research, and Content Design. Today, my work is focused around building and enhancing Personalized experiences for the Consumer side of Eventbrite's two-sided marketplace.


  • Led workshops with the Personalization team that established team working agreements, alignment around the current consumer journey, and identified opportunities for expanding or adding personalized experiences throughout the journey.
  • Led design work for experiments that contributed to the Personalization team's exceeding their financial targets for 2023 several months ahead of schedule
Sr. Product Designer
July 2019
February 2022
Output is a globally distributed company with headquarters in Los Angeles. Output's mission is simple: to help people express themselves creatively by helping them make music. Output does this in several ways: 1) SAAS-based music creation software, 2) perpetual music software and instruments, and 3) lifestyle products related to making music. As a Senior Product Designer, I was responsible for leading design efforts on a team of cross-functional peers including C++ and React Software Developers, a Product Manager, and a QA Analyst.


  • Led design efforts for shipping Kit Generator
  • Led the foundational work for guided onboarding for new Arcade users
  • Led research efforts around music software effects usage and subscription preferences
  • Led efforts around investing in user research tools and capabilities
  • Led efforts around improving Design Systems
Product Designer
February 2019
July 2019
Mailchimp is an organization consisting of over 1,000 people who are passionate about "empowering the underdog" by building smart marketing tools that help our customers market their products and services. As a Product Designer at Mailchimp, I've had the privilege to work with several cross-functional teams consisting of Software Engineers, UX Researchers, Content Strategists, Product Managers, and more. I currently work in the Audience Management space where our CXF team works on building tools to help our customers understand and manage their audience so that they can more effectively market to them.


  • Shipped an MVP for Campaign Benchmarking, a feature that allows users to compare their performance to peers within similar audience size, demographics, and industry
  • Shipped an MVP for Dynamic Content, a feature that allows customers to send customized email content to selected portions of their audience from within the email campaign creation flow
Product Design Consultant
February 2018
December 2021
Levvel is a worldwide digital consultancy focused on helping clients such as CNN, Mastercard, and Citibank build digital products. As the primary product designer on our cross-functional team of engineers project and product managers, we worked directly with our stakeholders understand goals and outcomes and build sustainable solutions.


  • Worked with two major financial institutions to design and test a clickable prototype for a consumer bill-sharing app; led  performed ad-hoc user testing on the prototype experience
  • Embedded with a small startup to with an internationally sold hardware/software product to help design new features and improvements to their Web/iOS/Android app designed for elderly users and those with physical impairments
February 2018
I've been working on freelance projects ever since I graduated high school. I got my start building websites in Angelfire and Geocities for bands that I was in at the time and I've been hooked on design and the web ever since. Eventually I was able to take on some paid projects and to this day I continue to offer design services on a part-time basis. As the owner of Horchata Club, I provide design services for startups, agencies, and large product organizations. To date, I’ve done various product design work for companies like Output, The North Face, Jackson Spalding, and Superfriendly.


  • Worked with an established music software company to design several landing pages for new flagship software products.
  • Consulted with an angel investment firm to design an internal web app that would allow their clients to attend and participate in pitch sessions in real time
Three Five Two
Interactive Designer
July 2015
July 2016
Worked as the primary designer on cross-functional teams consisting of engineers, QA Analysts, and Project Managers/Scrum Masters, and UX Researchers. Shipped web apps for small startups and larger organizations such as COX Media and the Agile Alliance.


  • Worked with a major media company to develop and test a high-fidelity native mobile app prototype designed to encourage healthy behaviors within the company in order to drive down costs related to health insurance claims
  • Designed a hi-fidelity prototype for an Atlanta TechStars startup for the purposes of securing investment rounds of funding; worked with a cross-functional team of engineers, QA Analysts, and Project Managers to execute on the prototype and build an MVP along with a full API of endpoints for the web and native mobile app